sanaía applesauce (4 Pack, 7.75 oz Jar)

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Our ingredients are all natural and safe for applesauce lovers of all ages. sanaía is the perfect mix of texture and flavor with island inspired fruits and apple wedges in each jar. Whether you’re enjoying it for breakfast in the morning or as a hot topping on a dessert, sanaía is great for any occasion. It is applesauce re-imagined with a dose of paradise packed into each bite.

sanaía applesauce jars come in a pack of 4, 7.75oz glass jars.

Weight 3.6875 oz
Dimensions 7.25 × 7 × 4.5 in

Guava, Unsweetened, Tamarind, Ginger, Hibiscus, Lavender Pear, Blackberry

26 reviews for sanaía applesauce (4 Pack, 7.75 oz Jar)

  1. Edward

    I haven’t bought yet but I’m excited to! After seeing her on shark tank I’m excited to support Keisha!!

  2. Lowanda J

    After seeing you on Shark Tank, I knew I had to buy it! The shark’s comments and expressions was enough confirmation for me!

  3. Tammy

    The applesauce, in any flavor, is DIVINE. I’m so happy other people will be exposed to Sanaiaa’s existence and taste.

  4. Zoey

    I wasn’t able to add the order to my cart or make a purchase unfortunately. Must be heavily backordered. Wondering if there will be a variety pack option in the future. I would love to try multiple flavors!

  5. Kasey

    I’m thrilled to fill my snack cart with adult-friendly applesauce. Brilliant.

  6. Danyelle Barron

    I HATE yogurt and was very excited to see this. I cannot wait until you have the smaller packaging but will settle for the glass jars once you have stock. Good luck!

  7. Lifestyle Soulutions

    Looking forward to purchasing after seeing her on The Shark Tank!

  8. Danna D

    I’m so excited ….went right to Amazon. Your sold out everywhere. I want to try Guava, ginger lavender pear

  9. Vetta

    I saw this on Shark Tank. Just wondering where the plastic containers of applesauce are sold?

  10. Christy

    I can’t wait for this to be back in stock!! Excellent pitch on Shark Tank!

  11. Louise Kuttler

    I would definitely be interested in buying this product if it came in variety packs to be able to taste the different flavors and to be able to choose the flavors in the pack.

  12. Maurice

    I have brought 2 orders of the 4 pack and I tell you they are great. The taste is absolutely amazing and the all natural ingredients are to die for. Thanks Keisha!!! Keep up the great work

  13. Gabriel (verified owner)

    I just saw the Shark Tank episode and was really moved by Keisha’s story and her game changing move and Mark saw the power in her as well. I made an order as well, I cannot wait to try it. I’m in japan by the way 🙂 retired US Navy

  14. Diana

    I saw this on Shark Tank. She had me at guava! I’m Cuban and guava is a taste that I grew up with, but is hard to find in products! Tamarind is a must try, also! Very excited to purchase a.s.ap.

  15. barbara saltzstein

    I love applesauce, and there is no adult market. Saw this on Shark Tank and will buy in the smaller amounts. Sick of yogurt! Congrats.

  16. Steve (verified owner)

    I finally got my applesauce – the Blackberry is wonderful – perfect for a light lunch – the pear excellent also I am here to buy more !

  17. Ronald (verified owner)

    I tried the unsweetened to start and it was AMAZING! Perfect texture and flavour … I’ve already placed two more orders, I can’t wait to try them all! sanaía is the REAL DEAL!

  18. Jaquice Boyd (verified owner)

    Guava is delicious! The chunks of apples is an added surprise!

  19. Andrea Wilkerson

    I’ve been following this brand for a while and finally decided place an order after seeing the Shark Tank episode. I wanted to support this company. My order took a couple weeks due to back order issues but it was well worth the wait. I purchase the 4-pack guava and it is DELICIOUS! In addition to a tasty product, their customer service is stellar! When I received my order, one of the jars was shattered (undoubtedly due to careless postal handlers). I sent a direct message confirming that I received my package and thanking them for a great, tasty product. I mentioned the shattered jar in passing (not to complain at all). Their response was very apologetic and wanting to send a replacement jar. Not only did they act quickly but instead of one replacement jar, they sent a full new 4-pack! I received it today and was so shocked I had to come and write this review. Please support and help this brand continue their success.

  20. Jazmine Anderson

    After seeing Keish’a story on Shark Tank, I’m very much looking forward to trying Sanaia’s applesauce. I’m a little disappointed it’s not on amazon anymore but as long as the site sells the cups instead of the jar I’m all for it. Shout out to Mark for investing!

  21. Allen

    Tried the variety pack and loved them all. I can’t wait to be able to purchase this product in the retail stores. Outstanding product!

  22. Allen

    Ordered the variety pack, love all the flavors. This is a quality product, reminds me of my grand mother’s apple sauce but with an exotic twist. Can’t wait until this is available to purchase at retail stores. Bravo!

  23. Bev (verified owner)

    Oh my yay!!! I love applesauce and I eat it as a delicious snack. I ordered the Guava and it didn’t disappoint. I just finished my first jar and am ordering the Lavender Pear now so as not to miss it and it goes to backorder. Each bite is perfect and I’m so glad I saw the Shark Tank episode! What are you waiting for?!?!?! Hurry up and order!!!!

  24. Josh Spadaro (verified owner)

    Motts applesauce pales in comparison to Sanaia!! It’s delicious, healthy, and tastes amazing! Guava is my favorite! Sanaia is my new favorite snack! Keisha’s story was so poignant for me. I’m happy and excited to support her! I’m looking forward to trying gingerbread maple Sanaia applesauce! I will continue to be a customer!

  25. Josh Spadaro (verified owner)

    Motts applesauce pales in comparison to Sanaia applesauce!! It’s so delicious! It’s my new favorite snack. It’s healthy, delicious, and tastes amazing! It was so poignant when Keisha shared her story on Shark Tank. I’m happy and excited to support Keisha and Sanaia. I will continue to be a customer! Guava is my favorite flavor and I look forward trying the gingerbread maple flavor.

  26. Cherokee

    I ordered the variety pack. They are definitely what I am looking for as an adult applesauce lover. I love the chunks and the flavors. My favorite was (surprisingly) the lavender pear; I was not expecting to like it but it is delicious. For anyone interested, the only flavor not in the variety is hibiscus. The apples used are green apples. I do not like green apples but the sweetness from the pear and the Guava offset the tartness from green apple. I will definitely reorder.

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