Currently a $900* Million market with ~99% of the spend focused on children, Keisha believes that applesauce is ready for the kind of disruption that grew yogurt from an 8BN category to the 125BN category that it is today – and that sanaía is the brand that will lead the way.

sanaía has all the makings of the next 1BN entrant to the adult snacking category. Not only is sanaia’s launch perfectly timed with adults increasing desire to consume dairy-free, plant-based all-natural snacks but our exotic flavors, decadent texture and elegant single serve package make it certain that the most important demographics in the snacking market will embrace sanaía wholeheartedly.

Not a single applesauce brand has focused or is able to currently capitalize on all of these trends. sanaia’s universal appeal makes it the perfect addition to the holy grail of adult snacking – the adult lunchbox.