Our Story

our story

sanaia is a category-disrupting applesauce brand created by CEO & Founder, Keisha Smith-Jeremie. Capitalizing on trends such as the plant-based movement and the re-imagination of childhood treats for adults, the sanaia brand has the makings of a household name.

Keisha was the first to recognize that there were millions of applesauce-loving adults who were being completely ignored by the sector, and so she developed sanaia specifically with those adult taste buds and consumption habits in mind.

Growing up in the Bahamas, fruits have long been a savored indulgence of Keisha’s. Her favorite childhood pastime was climbing the fruit trees in her backyard, stuffing her little pockets with the sun-sweetened treasures of each season. She developed sanaia with the goal of creating a snack that proves what she has long known to be true- fruits are nature’s most delectable desserts.


Currently a $900* Million market with ~99% of the spend focused on children, Keisha believes that applesauce is ready for the kind of disruption that grew yogurt from an 8BN category to the 125BN category that it is today – and that sanaia is the brand that will lead the way.

sanaia has all the makings of the next 1BN entrant to the adult snacking category. Not only is sanaia’s launch perfectly timed with adults increasing desire to consume dairy-free, plant-based all-natural snacks but our exotic flavors, decadent texture and elegant single serve package make it certain that the four most important demographics in the snacking market will embrace sanaia wholeheartedly.

Not a single applesauce brand has focused or is able to currently capitalize on all of these trends. sanaia’s universal appeal makes it the perfect addition to the holy grail of adult snacking – the adult lunchbox.

Meet Keisha, Founder of sanaia


I was lucky enough to grow up in paradise – a beautiful island in the Bahamas where the sun is warm, and the sky and sea are brilliant shades of blue.

It was there that I fell in love with island fruits and spices. I made my first batches of applesauce to combat the winter blues when I was away at college, and very far from home.

Many years later I refined the recipe adding those very fruits I used to pick from the trees, as a young girl – guavas and tamarinds.

In that first spoonful of apples blended with guava, I could feel the summer breeze. It was as if I was sitting under a fruit tree, back home, without a care in the world.

Inspired, I set off to find other exotic flavors that not only paired well with green apples, but would also transport you to your very own paradise.

I created sanaía because I believe that what we eat, provides us with the fuel we need to live the life we want.

You might fall in love with our lighter flavors like hibiscus or guava or more the delectable ones like tamarind and ginger. Whichever you fancy, know that each one has been created with you and your well-being in mind.

Happy travels. Enjoy in good health! Keisha